We would like to say Congratulations to our lucky winners for the 24th June 2022

Winning Number 166035


Match 3 Numbers Win £5.00
Full Name Lottery Number Town Prize
Mrs Fenwick 170835 UPMINSTER £5.00
Mr Kelly 476036 MERTHYR TYDFIL £5.00
Mrs Lowe 166479 BISHOP'S STORTFORD £5.00
Mr Wade 399035 WALLSEND £5.00
Mr Papier 199032 EDGWARE £5.00
Miss Davey 196265 OKEHAMPTON £5.00
Mrs Donlon 166459 GLASGOW £5.00
Mrs  Austin 876735 CHIPPING NORTON £5.00
Mr Andrade 166242 LONDON  £5.00
Mrs Dunn 124030 SCARBOROUGH £5.00
Mrs  Redden 156838 LIVERPOOL £5.00
Mrs Ntleki 166707 OXFORD £5.00


If you are one of our lucky winners, we will contact you within 21 days of the draw date and will pay your winnings directly to your bank account. No need to claim.


The winning number will be posted each Monday after the draw.

Good luck and thank you for all of your support – it means the world to us.