Our Lottery and raffles comply with the following policies:

Law and disorder policy

  • Worldwide Cancer Research will refuse to be associated with any proposed Lottery scheme or other gambling activity that may breach the law.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will refuse to contract with any contractors or agents who Worldwide Cancer Research suspect may be associated with any potential or actual criminal activities.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will only use suppliers who are licensed by the Gambling Commission to act as External Lottery Managers in running all or part of Worldwide Cancer Research’s own Lottery.
  • Our External Lottery Manager keeps a record of all Lottery entries sold.
  • Our External Lottery Manager may be required to provide information to the police for the purposes of conducting police checks. They are able to provide address details and details of any monies sent in for tickets received. This will only be done where it is necessary for the investigation or prevention of a crime and for no other purposes.
  • Our External Lottery Manager operates from secure premises, and contract with reputable money transportation companies.
  • Our External Lottery Manager processes all entries and handles all monies received for a Lottery, all monies are paid directly to Worldwide Cancer Research, and banking reports are issued by our External Lottery Manager on a weekly basis.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will require suppliers and contractors to ensure that all staff and contractors who are likely to be engaged with the Worldwide Cancer Research Weekly Lottery obtain relevant references.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will ensure that it reports any actual or suspected criminal activities to the police.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will expect that any suppliers or consultants who are associated with their Lottery/ raffle will report any potential and actual criminal activities to Worldwide Cancer Research as soon as possible
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will expect that any suppliers or consultants who are associated with their Lottery/ raffle will cooperate fully with the police and Gambling Commission should any actual or suspected criminal activities arise.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research Staff involved in promoting lotteries or selling Lottery tickets will be trained to a satisfactory standard to ensure compliance with Worldwide Cancer Research gambling policy and procedures.

Fair and open draws policy

  • All draws are conducted at the External Lottery Manager’s premises using a random number generator.
  • Winning numbers associated with the Lottery will be published on the Worldwide Cancer Research website, with abbreviated details of winners. Winning numbers shall also be available by contacting Worldwide Cancer Research’s Supporter Services Team.
  • Rules are published on the Worldwide Cancer Research Lottery website and with Lottery marketing literature.
  • Printed versions of rules are available on request.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research have a complaints procedure in place (please see below).
  • A record is kept of both online and offline sales.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will reserve the right to offer alternative prizes of equal value if, due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the stated prizes are no longer available.

Responsible gambling/ problem gambling procedure

Worldwide Cancer Research has put in place the following procedures to encourage people to gamble responsibly and seek help should gambling become a problem:

  • The National Gambling Helpline number and begambleaware.co.uk website address is included on all tickets and entry forms to lotteries and our website includes information on gambling.
  • Information is displayed on our website encouraging people to gamble responsibly and to recognise the signs of problem gambling.
  • Players can request a self-exclusion flag to be added to the Worldwide Cancer Research database so that they are removed from further addressed Lottery communications including post, telephone, email and SMS. All self-exclusion requests along with the date of the request will be captured on the Worldwide Cancer Research database and will be in place for a minimum of six months. All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent any self-excluded individuals participating.
  • Self-exclusion can be requested by contacting Supporter Services or by completing our online Self Exclusion form.
  • Self-exclusion flags will be added to the database within 2 working days of receipt. A record of debit card numbers to be excluded will also be kept where this is possible and complies with other legislation.
  • Staff are trained on self-exclusion and will signpost counselling and support services.
  • To stop receiving unaddressed mail delivered by post, visit the Royal Mail website.
  • Self-excluded customers will have any accounts closed and funds returned to them.
  • Where customer behaviour indicates problem gambling they will be contacted by our External Lottery Manager’s Supporter Contact Team.
  • A restriction of 5 Lottery lines per customer will be in place unless customer interaction occurs. Interactions will be recorded and where the entries are purchased beyond the limit, records will be kept for 3 years.
  • All relevant sources of information will be used to identify customers at risk of problem gambling.
  • Relevant staff will be given appropriate guidance for interaction with customers demonstrating signs of agitation, distress, intimidation, aggression or other behaviours that may inhibit customer interaction.

Protection of children and the vulnerable

We have taken steps to reduce the risk that our lotteries will attract young people. We have the following procedures in place to prevent under-age players from participating in any lotteries promoted by Worldwide Cancer Research:

  • Where possible we check our database to ensure persons are above the legal age limit before data is supplied for the use of a Lottery.
  • The minimum age for play is detailed on the back of all entry forms produced.
  • Any player who provides dishonest information regarding their age automatically forfeits the right to any prize. This fact is also stated on all entry forms.
  • Any player who is found to be under 18 years of age will have any monies paid in relation to the Lottery returned to them.
  • In the event that a request to cease mailing Lottery packs is received from a vulnerable person’s carer, we remove their details from our mailing list and will retain their details in order to suppress them from future mailings.
  • Websites carry a warning before tickets are purchased stating that underage gambling is an offence. Customers are required to confirm they are of legal age.
  • The age verification process will be reviewed regularly and we will implement all reasonable improvements that may be made as technology advances and information improves.
  • All relevant staff will be trained on the use of age verification procedures.
  • Website will permit filtering software to restrict the access to relevant pages.

Player queries and complaints procedure:

  • Complaints can be made via telephoning the Lottery Hotline on 01628 201954.
  • Email complaints can be sent to [email protected]
  • Postal complaints to Worldwide Cancer Research Lottery, PO Box 1127, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 3LN
  • Initial complaints and queries are dealt with over the telephone by advisers in the telephone room of our External Lottery Manager (the company that manages the Lottery on Worldwide Cancer Research’s behalf).
  • A telephone log sheet is completed at the time of the call, detailing the caller’s details, details of the telephone adviser who took the call, the nature of the complaint and how the complaint was resolved.
  • The telephone log sheets will be kept on file for three years by our External Lottery Manager.
  • If an initial complaint can’t be resolved, the complaint is logged by our External Lottery Manager and we are notified immediately of the issue at which point it is resolved internally in accordance with our complaints policy and procedures.
  • In the event that a telephone or online complaint cannot be resolved by the External Lottery Manager or representatives of Worldwide Cancer Research, third party arbitration will be provided via the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). Independent Betting Adjudication Service, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS, 020 7347 5883, [email protected].

All general queries will be logged on the log sheets by the External Lottery Manager and held for future reference.

  • Initial complaints and queries will be responded to within two days of receipt of complaint by the administration team of our External Lottery Manager.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research will review all feedback and complaints on an ongoing basis so that we may address them, where possible. All lotteries will be reviewed in full at the end of each activity so any learning and issues can be reviewed and considered for future draws.

This policy was last updated on 18th January 2021.