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Complaints and Disputes Procedure

Worldwide Cancer Research aims to provide the highest level of care to all our supporters. Sometimes things can go wrong, so in order to effectively manage any issues that arise, we have a procedure in place, which is outlined below.


Making a complaint


Complaints can be made by contacting the Supporter Services Team on 0300 777 7910 or Or write to Supporter Services Team, Worldwide Cancer Research, 1st floor, Canning Exchange, 10 Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EG.


At this first point of contact, the Supporter Services Administrator will make every attempt to positively resolve the complaint by investigating the issue and respond to the complainant within 7 working days.


Our Commitment:

All complaints are taken seriously.

Complaints are dealt with courteously, promptly and effectively.  

Complaints are treated in confidence, with fairness and objectivity.

Worldwide Cancer Research works continuously to enhance its supporter care procedures.


What if a complaint cannot be resolved?


If a positive resolution cannot be reach at this first stage, and the complainant feels that the situation has not been satisfactorily resolved, it will be escalated to the Chief Executive as a dispute. The Chief Executive will oversee the complaint investigation, coordinate with nominated members of staff, and respond to the complainant.


Worldwide Cancer Research aims to resolve all complaints within 30 working days. However, more complex complaints that require investigation may take significantly longer. In this case, the

complainant will be advised and updated regularly by a nominated member of staff.


For disputes relating to the lottery and gambling


For disputes relating to gambling activities associated with our lottery fundraising, our CEO may take it forward to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) who will provide a final decision on the complaint.


IBAS acts as an impartial adjudicator on disputes that arise between lottery operators and their supporters after they have been through the operator’s own internal dispute procedures and if a deadlock exists.


The IBAS Panel of betting experts apply their specialist knowledge to the facts and adjudicate by reference to the operator’s own terms and conditions but do not rule on complex legal issues. As well as offering effective dispute resolution procedures, IBAS also check that operators have complied with the standards set by the Gambling Commission and with the IBAS terms and conditions of registration.


IBAS rulings are binding on all parties, without prejudice to any legal proceedings that may be commenced subsequently. IBAS has the discretion to specify that either no further action is appropriate or to censure the charity and prescribe one or more sanctions.
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